It’s crucial to consider the underlying differences between a logo and a brand identity in order to better understand a brand’s potential. Many designers, companies, and marketing firms claim to promote and service branding, but only provide logo design and brand identity assistance.

Will you be able to explain the difference between a logo and a brand if anyone asked you to? When you add on the concept of a brand identity kit, many of us become even more perplexed. Although a logo is an important brand feature and often the first visual association with a company, a brand is much more than just a logo.


What is branding?

Branding is the active process of influencing customer perceptions of your company. Branding encompasses all of the actions you take to raise visibility and credibility for your business and its products or services. A brand fuels other people’s perceptions and ideas about a business with emotional and experiential features. It is a clear tone or visual voice that reflects the company’s strategic advantages and market position.

To put it another way, a brand is the total of any interaction a client, prospect, seller, partner, or other entity has with you, your company, product, or service, whether it occurs online, offline, or in person, 365 days a year.

While your branding efforts can not always fully translate into your clients’ minds, the more deliberate and consistent they are, the better. Your decisions as a business owner will influence the development and growth of your brand, influencing how people view your company and how it appears in the world. If you don’t make an effort to identify your brand and maintain its ideals and purpose, someone else will. 

Consider this before making any branding decisions: what impression do you want to leave on your customers? What is the name of the brand you want to build? Be genuine and dig deep into the company’s core values. This broad strategy should assist you in making branding decisions.

What is Branding?


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What is a logo?

A logo is a clear, iconic, relevant, resizable, and timeless visual representation of a brand that is SMART — simple, memorable, appropriate, resizable, and timeless. It is merely a tool used for identification, so it does not have to magically express anything a brand stands for or what an organization does on its own. A logo is a visual representation of the identity and nature of a brand. In a competitive market, a memorable logo is an integral part of a successful brand because it serves as a visual shortcut to the company.

The logo design you select should be a clear representation of your whole brand identity. A logo will come to represent much more than its appearance. When people see your logo, they can think about things like brand tone of voice and your company’s competitive advantages. A logo distinguishes rather than sells. A logo only has any real significance when it is associated with a product, a service, a business, or a corporation.

Logo design is just a small piece of your brand. A logo should be recognizable and unforgettable in order to distinguish a brand. When a logo becomes an integral part of a broader brand and is connected by others with personal interactions and experiences with the brand, it begins to take on meaning, represent feelings, and convey clear messages. 


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Branding + Logo Design

A logo is a visual representation of a brand’s identity – nothing more than a graphic feature with a name on it. A brand is all that reflects a company and gives its logo significance, both tangible and intangible. When used together, a well-designed logo and a well-defined brand strategy will help you reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently, convey your message, value, and benefits, visually attract more attention, and build extraordinary experiences.

A good logo identity is made up of simple meaning, individuality, and articulation of the broader brand voice. A company’s brand is its cornerstone, and its logo is a visual shortcut to the brand’s trademark. When it comes to marketing and promoting a clear image and voice, both a logo identification system and a good branding system are important, but a brand speaks for itself.

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