Sales Manager


Sales Manager


The Sales Manager at ACKE cooperates with the Marketing Department on attracting potential customers, and after receiving the inquiry, he takes over the communication and makes the first contact with the client. The key tasks of the Sales Manager are to research the wishes and needs of the client, to get acquainted with his industry, business, competition and existing technical solutions (if any). After that, if it assesses that we are compatible for cooperation, it develops an offer – that is – a specification of a potential web or mobile solution. Then, after accepting the offer by the client, he creates a contract and submits the project to Project managers. In his work he collaborates with almost all positions in the company – with Marketing to create business opportunities, with Designers and Developers to develop offers and evaluations and with Project managers projects.

Task description:

– Manages sales channels and identifies opportunities for further business development
– Analyzes the needs and desires of clients; explores business, industry and existing solutions
– Evaluates client / project compatibility
– Defines the offer / specification and the contract
– Prepares and submits projects to Project managers
– Educates clients on software solution development

Should the Sales Manager be technical oriented?

The sales manager does not have to be a technical person (eg does not have to know how to program), but as a person who – works with developers, designers and QA and as someone who develops the initial specification, negotiates with customers and offers new solutions – must have a good understanding of technologies and services which are used, UX and UI principles, etc. Therefore, any previous experience and knowledge with the technologies we use – comes in very handy, but is not a prerequisite. A person who wants to be a successful Sales manager must definitely be open, ready and eager for continuous learning about technologies, CMS, services, SEO, etc.

What skills and qualities should a Sales manager have?

The job of a Sales Manager requires that the person is customer-oriented (* focused on the client’s needs and with an attitude to exceed expectations *), has excellent communication and negotiation skills (* knows how to communicate and get what he wants in a win-win manner; both written and oral * ), proactive, creative, enterprising (* does not wait 5 to 12, but anticipates the client’s needs and potential challenges and reacts in advance and seeks possible solutions *), and for all situations when something does not go according to plan … flexibility, resilience is needed on stress and patience. Analytical, systematic and good understanding of technologies are prerequisites for the development of quality offers on which the further course of project development will depend. Because we work with clients around the world – excellent knowledge of English in speech and writing is essential.




about 2 years of experience


It depends on experience

Career development

We have a defined career ladder and every 6 months the mentor / lead reviews your progress, and the conditions according to merit are reviewed. In addition we have 1 on 1 conversations with the leader, 360 feedback within the team and you are also reviewing your leaders.
All positions await systematic onboarding in accordance with experience and prior knowledge, a learning plan and a dedicated mentor.

What are we looking for?

– Bachelor/ Master degree in Sales or Marketing or several years of experience in a close position
– Sales experience
– Excellent knowledge of English in speech and writing
– Knowledge of the process of creating web and mobile solutions
– Excellent communication and negotiation skills
– Excellent analytical and organizational skills
– Proactivity and perseverance in everyday work
– Openness and ambition for continuous learning
– Willingness to occasional business trips / meetings

Company Culture

As a remote first company, we have adapted everything to work 100% remote and we all choose whether we want to work remotely, from the office or combine. Regardless of location – all of them are available and active in communication.

We prefer transparent and open communication with colleagues from day one, we like to hear suggestions on how to improve something (and then work on it at the first opportunity), we put a lot of focus on development and feedback. We apply a top-down and bottom-up approach in making decisions (through quarterly OKRs and all hands meetings), and in implementation you can expect support and help from all teams.

Benefits of working with us

– We deliver equipment and everything necessary for pleasant work from home
– Working hours are from 8-16 or 7-15h
– Flexibility around private obligations
– Additional days off (up to 28)
– Free day for parents of first-graders (kindergarten and primary school)
– Financing of educations, tutorials, books, conferences
– 3 days sick leave without remittances
– A gift for a child
– The gift of marriage
– A culture of mutual recognition and rewarding success

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