UI/UX Designer


UI/UX Designer


What does a UX / UI designer do?

The designer is a key person in the development of the project that defines the visual identity of the project, ie the user interface and has an exceptional impact on the user experience – whether it will be pleasant and intuitive or will repel many users. It is crucial for successful work that he is continuously informed about new design trends, that he is familiar with the best UX practices and has an eye for aesthetics and details.

In addition, it is very important to have a good understanding of the platforms and technology on which the project is being developed so that it can exploit their potential while respecting possible constraints. Understanding the industry and the goals of the client or project is a prerequisite for a solution that will be not only an excellent visual and technical solution, but also an important business contribution.

The designer participates in the Discovery process together with the Business Analyst and Product Manager, where they define the needs of end users with the client, validate hypotheses, define the goals and functionalities of the project. Methods such as Design Thinking or Design Sprint are often used here.

Task description:

– Analyzes the target market and user behavior, defines user persons
– Participates in Discovery workshops with a client
– Works on the preparation of Storyboard, User journey flow and Sitemaps
– Designs the concept of a website or mobile application
– Designs and creates wireframes
– He’s making a prototype
– Usability testing of assumptions and prototypes on users
– Designs and creates a design (user interface)
– Provides support to the team regarding UX&UI practice
– Monitors user behavior, suggests incremental interface changes




Remote (Work from home)


It depends on experience

Career development

We have a defined career ladder (Beginner> Junior> Independent> Senior> Expert) and every 6 months the mentor / lead reviews your progress, and the conditions according to merit are reviewed. In addition we have 1 on 1 conversations with the leader, 360 feedback within the team and you are also reviewing your leaders.
All positions await systematic onboarding in accordance with experience and prior knowledge, a learning plan and a dedicated mentor.

What are we looking for?

– About 2 years of experience as a UX&UI designer
– An eye for detail
– Knowledge of UX&UI good practices and standards
– To be able to explain and argue your own design
– Familiarity with new design trends
– Consistency, thoroughness and organization in work
– Excellent mastery with some of the tools like Sketch, Figma, Affinity Designer, Photoshop and Illustrator
– Knowledge of the process of creating a software solution
– Excellent knowledge of English in speech and writing
– Proactivity and creativity around giving an idea
– Openness and ambition for continuous learning

Company Culture

As a remote first company, we have adapted everything to work 100% remote and we all choose whether we want to work remotely, from the office or combine. Regardless of location – all of them are available and active in communication.

We prefer transparent and open communication with colleagues from day one, we like to hear suggestions on how to improve something (and then work on it at the first opportunity), we put a lot of focus on development and feedback. We apply a top-down and bottom-up approach in decision-making (through quarterly OKRs and all hands meetings), and in implementation you can expect support and help from all teams.

Benefits of working with us

– We deliver equipment and everything necessary for pleasant work from home
– Working hours are from 8-16 or 7-15h
– Flexibility around private obligations
– Additional days off (up to 28)
– Free day for parents of first-graders (kindergarten and primary school)
– Financing of educations, tutorials, books, conferences
– 3 days sick leave without remittances
– A gift for a child
– The gift of marriage
– A culture of mutual recognition and rewarding success

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